AluminumBunny ~ Artist ~ Joanna Nagy

Fruit Salad Demon Ice Cream Demon Sapphire & Ruby (Garnet) from Steven Universe Mabel Reading 1001 Knights Mabel
  1. Ice Cream Pops Pattern

  2. Eggs Pattern

  3. Fruit Salad Demon

  4. Mabel Carrotslayer for 1001 Knights Anthology

  5. Cat Moon Inktober Sketch

  6. Mabel Art Zine

  7. Bunny Witch

  8. Sapphire & Ruby (Garnet) from Steven Universe

  9. Mabel at the Beach

  10. Mabel at the Diner

  11. Pizza Demon

  12. Sunflowers

  13. Donut Demon

  14. Child of Light

  15. Audrey

  16. Cactus Demon Sketch

  17. Space Arc (7 Strips)

  18. Coffee Witch

  19. Forrest Witch Inktober Sketch

  20. Citrus Fruit Pattern

  21. Fox

  22. Bulbasaur Ice Cream Dessert

  23. Bunny

  24. Alchemy

About Me

Joanna Nagy

Hello. I'm Joanna Nagy, an Illustrator with a love for all things cute. I am also the co-creator and artist behind Octopus + Bunny. I'm always working on new illustrations and frequently promoting and selling my work online and at many East Coast conventions so please follow me on Tumblr or Instagram to see what I'm working on or where I'll be next.

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Upcoming Events

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